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Is Emotional Eating and Stress Eating Disorder The Same?

stress eating disorder

So, you know how sometimes, when life gets crazy, you find yourself chowing down on a bunch of food? That’s what people usually call stress eating. It’s like you’re not just casually snacking – you’re going all out, wolfing down large amounts of food pretty quickly. If thats the case you might be on the […]

Feeling Guilty After Eating? You Need to Take an Eating Disorder Test

eating disorder test

Eating disorders can impact anyone, no matter their race, gender, or body size. According to the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), about 30 million adults in the U.S. might experience an eating disorder during their lives. These disorders can mess with how you feel both mentally and physically. They can change how you behave when […]

Love Your Bodies – Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2024

Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Around 1.25 million people in the US are affected by eating disorders. Throughout the Eating Disorder Awareness Week, we’ve been sharing valuable information and tips to support parents and caregivers dealing with the various eating disorders that impact the mental health of children and young people. Weill Cornell Medicine aims to raise awareness for eating […]

Natalia Dyers Shocking Journey Through Eating Disorders

Natalia Dyer Opens Up About Her Battle with Eating Disorders

Many well-known individuals, including musicians, actors, and other public figures, have chosen to be candid about their battles with eating disorders. By sharing their personal experiences, they are not only breaking down stigmas but also providing valuable inspiration and support to others facing similar challenges. There was much speculation on Natalia Dyer eating disorder in […]

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