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My Story

Let’s make food fun again!

I believe in taking the fear and power out of food, and making it an enjoyable and memorable part of life.”

Hi, I am Emily Bown (let’s clarify, NOT BRown the color, but Down with a B ;).

I help people improve their relationship with food and their bodies through compassionate and inclusive nutrition practices. I believe wellness and eating disorder treatments occur best through love, empathy, and compassion.

If your sink breaks, you call a plumber.  Car needs maintenance?  Bring it to a mechanic. When your mental and physical health is deteriorating, a professional is a smart choice to find a solution.  Healing one’s relationship with food is difficult.  We all need support and help from time to time.  There is no shame in asking for help.  Only wisdom and bravery.

I have a passion for mental health and nutrition. I specialize in eating disorders /disordered eating, body image issues, anxiety and depression around food, pregnancy and postpartum eating…. all with an emphasis on intuitive eating – we dive more into what this means while we work together.  

You or someone you love may be feeling confused or have low confidence when it comes to your relationship with food. Perhaps you know you need help but feel overwhelmed.  You might be tired of feeling ashamed and are looking for support.  You could benefit from a Dietitian who specializes in eating disorders.  Dieticians understand the psychological aspect of the relationship with food.  We want your recovery to be strong, achievable, AND sustainable.

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My Philosophy

I am a firm believer that diets DON’T WORK. Why do I believe this? A few reasons…

“I believe food should ENHANCE life, not consume it!”

  1. If it’s not sustainable (something you can do for the rest of your life), then it doesn’t ‘work’, and it’s not healthy for you.
  2. Your body is smarter than your diet! The body does not know the difference between “starvation” and a “diet” – so it will do anything possible to protect itself… aka, slow down metabolism, hold onto food/fat, increase cravings, etc!
  3. Mindset: Food is mental! Food is emotional! until you slow down and get curious with your mindset around food/body/self – the destructive behaviors will always come back.

Yes, I am a Dietitian, but I tell clients I’m more of a nutrition therapist.

Why? Because before we can talk about food/diet, we have to understand the emotions, feelings, and behaviors we have around food and body image. This is where the real work begins. This is where we start to build a sustainable and healthy mind & body!

At my counseling practice, I reject all shame, guilt, and judgment surrounding food & body.  I pride myself on connecting with clients on a deeper, emotional level.  I want you to know that I don’t eat salads and smoothies all the time.  In fact, I enjoy desserts every day.  The key is to add foods to your diet; focus on health and happiness, all while bringing the fun back into eating. 

I recognize the importance of supporting ALL people suffering from body image or eating disorders, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, body type, or financial status.

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